Evropský přehled - 04.05.2024
warm and humid

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 03 May 2024
Duty forecaster: John

Saturday 04 May 2024
Dry with sunshine southern Sweden Sweden and Norway including Denmark across Baltic to Poland and latvia and southern Finland, becoming warm through the afternoon 18 to 22C, variable cloud so high UV and sunburn risk especially near and on coasts and with height. High latitudes dry with sunshine 8 to 10C. Mainly cloudy with a mix of prolonged showers and/or outbreaks of rain likely heavy at times across France to Belgium and Netherlands, into Germany especially through the afternoon, some showesr locally thundery, 15 to 17C. Switzerland, Austria including Alpine regions mainly dry with sunshine with variable cloud so high UV and sunburn risk especially with height and inland lakes 15 to 17C. Cloudy with outbreaks of rain prolonged through the morning and through to the afternoon across ne Portugal and northern Spain, fringing Biscay coasts, 12 to 14C generally. Central and southern locations towards Mediterranean, dry and sunny high UV with sunburn risk 22C central 27C towards coasts. Sunshine and scattered showers during the morning, showers in clusters through the afternoon across Greece to Turkey with thundery outbreaks 20 to 23C for Italy, 6 to 8C Carpathians, to 23C inland away from coasts.

Sunday 05 May
Dry sunny and warm for Italy with variable cloud during the day, scattered likely thundery showers towards and across the Alps and Lakes 18 to 20C, heading south dry and sunny 22C during the afternoon. Scattered showers, sunshine and variable cloud Slovenia Slovenia, Croatia to Albania and fringing into Greece, though most frequent in moutainious areas. Remaining generally warm with high UV 18 to 22C Changeable across from Portugal to NE Spain and into France with clusters of prolonged and often heavy showers continuing through the day and later fringing into Luxembourg Belgium and Netherlands 13 to 15C. Remainder of central, through Germany, Switzserland and Austria and Czech changeable with a mix of sunshine and showers becoming frequest and often heavy during the afternoon, cooler with a fresh SW wind, 16 to 18C locally 20C where sunshine is more prolonged. Showers decreasing through the evening.

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