Evropský přehled - 08.05.2024
Showers in central areas
Dry and fine either side

Issued: 0530hrs Wednesday 8th May 2024
Duty forecaster: Andy Chaloner

A more unsettled day on Wednesday but mostly dry for many by Thursday away from the far north

A dry and fine start through Portugal and Spain and remaining mostly dry through the day with lengthy spells of sunshine. A few showers develop through the afternoon across central and eastern France, but mostly dry in the west. During the afternoon expect showers or thunderstorms across northern Italy, Switzerland and Austria with the risk transferring to southeast Europe during the afternoon, with flash flooding possible in a few places, especially inland away from the Adriatic coast. A few showers across Greece too.
Largely dry across Belgium and much of northern France and the Low Countries. A mostly dry day in Germany away from the far south of the country with sunny spells and mostly dry across Hungary, Czechia and Poland.
Some rain or showers across central parts of Norway and Sweden during the afternoon but mostly dry elsewhere across Scandinavia. A mostly afternoon and evening expected across the Baltic States too.

Once again a dry day expected for Portugal and Spain, with long spells of late spring sunshine and feeling pleasantly warm or hot. Dry too for France, much of Italy with scattered showers in the afternoon across Switzerland and Austria. Some showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon across southeast Europe, although more scattered than Wednesday.
Mostly dry and fine across the Low Countries and Germany and the same conditions expected for Poland, Hungary and Slovakia .

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Témata  [08.05.2024]