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Evropský přehled - 03.12.2021
Changeable, cold Scandinavia
Unsettled Mediterranean

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 3rd December 2021
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Unsettled at times across all parts, snow across the north

A largely dry and settled day across the Iberian peninsula on Friday, with a few isolated showers across the north coast of Spain. More unsettled further east across Sardinia and and southern Italy, with low pressure bringing bands of showers and rain at first, although these will tend to weaken and move southwards later in the day. Persistent rain affecting Albania and western parts of Greece with some flash flooding possible. A few showers possible across western Turkey but a drier day inland.
A band of rain or showers pushes into Belgium and the Netherlands during the afternoon, pushing inland into western parts of Germany. Some heavy rain reaching western France during the afternoon too.
A largely dry and settled picture across the Alps, Hungary and eastern Europe, although a few rain and snow showers may trouble northern coasts of Poland during the afternoon and evening. An area of low pressure affects the Baltic region with some snow possible across Estonia in particular. Some rain and snow pushes into Norway and Denmark and Sweden throughout the course of the day,

A band of rain pushes southeastwards across northern Spain, southern France and the Alps but turns more showery through the course of the morning. A better day across Italy and Sardinia, with long spells of sunshine and isolated showers. Better too across the Balkans and Greece, although some showers or longer spells of rain affecting western Turkey.
Rain affecting the Low Countries and western and central Germany through the morning, although this too turning more showery in nature throughout the day. A drier day in Poland, although some light rain or snow is possible in the afternoon. Showers and longer spells of rain affecting France, particularly in the west. Some showers across the Czech Republic of rain or snow, although staying drier across Hungary.
High pressure building in across Scandinavia keeping northern areas generally dry but cold. Across Norway, and western parts of Sweden there will be outbreaks of snow during the afternoon. Rain and Snow affecting Denmark later in the day after a dry start.

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