Evropský přehled - 30.01.2015
Unsettled across Europe
Heavy rain & gales in south

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 29th January 2015
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Cool for many, milder toward east

Cool and unsettled conditions are widespread across Europe on Friday. Strong north-westerly winds affect Iberia, with heavy rain and mountain snow in northern Spain, whilst showers spread south-east across Portugal and central Spain. Drier, brighter and warmer in the south-east of Spain. Heavy showers or longer periods of rain for the Balearics, Corsica and Sardinia. Italy will also see heavy falls of rain and strong winds, particularly in the south. Snow over higher ground. Very wet and windy for the Balkan states and Greece, again with snow over mountains. Thundery showers for the Greek Islands, Turkey and Cyprus. Unsettled across France with bands of rain, sleet and snow spreading south-eastwards toward the Alps. Slow moving clusters of snow showers will affect Germany and the Alpine states, extending east into Poland. Snow for Denmark and southern Sweden may become persistent. Scattered snow showers in Norway. Not excessively cold in Russia and the Baltic region, with the airflow predominantly from southern Europe.

A broad area of low pressure continues to affect most of Europe on Saturday. Lots of showers for Spain and Portugal, particularly close to the Biscay coast, frequently banding together for several hours. Very unsettled with heavy rain and gales in the western Mediterranean. Heavy showers or periods of heavy rain for Italy, Greece and Turkey. Cold and showery for France, the Low Countries and Germany, often falling as snow. Drier and brighter for southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria, although there are likely to be occasional snow showers. Areas of snow and rain push eastwards into eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Quite mild for areas around the Black Sea, Ukraine and the Baltic States as southerly winds draw up warmer air from the Mediterranean. Periods of heavy snow for Sweden and Norway, strong winds, rain and snow for Finland.

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