Evropský přehled - 27.02.2015
Heavy rain for Greece
Windy in southern France

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 27th February 2015
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Thunderstorms in the Mediterranean

Dry and bright for Portugal and much of Spain. Some snow across the Pyrenees. Thundery periods of rain for the western Mediterranean, which may affect the Balearics. A wet start across eastern and southern France with snow over the French and Swiss Alps. Strong winds near the south coast of France. Dry and bright for northern and western France, also Belgium and the Netherlands. A band of rain and mountain snow also affects western Germany. Northern Italy is mostly fine, but heavy rain and thunderstorms affect the south. Thundery rain too affects Greece and the Greek Islands, giving a wet day across the Aegean Sea, spreading slowly into western Turkey. Dry and warm for Cyprus. Eastern Europe is dry overall. Patchy rain for Denmark and Sweden, snow over higher ground. Breezy with rain and snow in western Norway. Dry and cool for Finland and the Baltic states.

Patchy rain and showers for northern Iberia on Saturday, but most of Spain and Portugal remain dry with sunshine. Feeling warm in the Algarve and Andalucia. Brighter for the south of France and the western Mediterranean, and winds easing. Scattered thundery showers for southern Italy, but dry and bright in the north. Clusters of heavy showers for Greece and Turkey. Rain and drizzle for north-western France, spreading across the Low Countries. Dry for most of Germany and the Alpine region. Eastern Europe stays mostly dry, although fairly cloudy with patchy drizzle or light snow for Romania and Bulgaria. Strong southerly winds affect Scandinavia, with some rain for Denmark. Heavy rain and mountain snow in south-western Norway. Dry and cool, but not especially cold for Sweden and Finland.

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